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Neighbor sues Goodnight over property rights

Attorney Carl Younger of the Weatherspoon & Voltz law firm in Raleigh represented the Dunn family of White Oak Road when it sued neighbor James A. Goodnight, son of billionaire SAS founder Jim Goodnight, in June 2017.

A next-door neighbor to a home that James A. Goodnight, son of SAS founder Jim Goodnight, is reconstructing on White Oak Road in Raleigh has filed a lawsuit against the billionaire’s son claiming property damage and trespassing as part of a case that’s pitted the new neighbors against each other.

The family is alleging that Goodnight, a Raleigh real estate investor, and his construction contractors have trespassed on a property that’s been in their family since the 1980s, cut and removed several trees and shrubs without their permission and illegally claimed adverse possession of the land.

Article courtesy of the Triangle Business Journal. Click here to read it, or view it in PDF format.

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